Thursday, August 18, 2016

ज़मीर नाम का मेरा बूढ़ा पडोसी:

खयाली पुलाव जीवन में हमने भी खूब पकाया !
घर पहुँचते पहुँचते दफ्तर को भी साथ ले आया !
"बेटा चक्की पीसो अकेला अकेला!" कौन बोला? किसने फरमाया?
"तेरा बाप" कहकर पडोसी ने डराया !

क्यों बे बुड्ढे? अभी तक तेरा टिकट नहीं कराया?
हस्ते हस्ते बूढ़े ने फिर बतलाया -
"बेटा उम्र हो गयी, फिर भी मौत नहीं आया, पर
तेरी ग़लीज़ जिंदगी देखकर मजा बहुत आया " !!??

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Zindagi Theda Collecshuns!!

Bacchon ko padhaao nahi, Bacchon se kuch seekho
Hamara zamaana hi zamaana tha, kahe har peedhi ke boodhon
Har soch jo naya hai, kal zaroor hongey puraney
Afsos hai humlog samjhey ki hum hi sabse sayaaney!

Reyt mein chalta gaya, pagdandi kya chod di
Baarishein tez aa gayi, aur raasta meine kho di
Raat ka sehra aaya, bhooton ko bhi le aaya
Suraj ne kya chamkaaya, ghar mein aakhir laut aaya
-- back from the brink

Baaraah saal aur ek Paathsaala
Do saal aur ek naya dost nahi saala
Teen saal aur bhatak raha hoon akela
Do aur saal, phir dhoondo naukri ka mela
-- searching "Situations Vacant" postings in Times of India

Sabka Maalik ek, har mandir kehta dekh
Insaan ka man ho nek, woh khushiyan paye anek
Par tu-tu mein-mein jaari, yeh sabse badi bimaari
Aaj neta hum pe bhaari, humney kho di dimaag saari
- after a political rally at Deulwadi, Chembur 

Ratt raha hoon yeh bakwaas har roz
Kal pareeksha Itihaas - Afsos
Bahut bhari yeh pustak ka bhoj
Chodo dekhen ab Bharat ek khoj!
A day before History exam, March 1989

Aaj Aadmi, Aurat Bandar kal ke Nar Naari aur Vaanar
Auratein jalti roz roz aur Aadmi bante Jaanwar
Chote bacchey dekhe aise batthar haalaat ghar par
Har mandir mein hasta gaya bhagwaan naam ka bandar
-- after a Dowry death news in Free Press Journal (1988)

Naam hokar bhi Vikaas, Padhaayi mein nahi thi Vikaas
Kaam ek kapde ki dukaan mein aur pehenta sirf ek libaas
Shyaam ko woh laut thaa ghar, marta bhooko-pyaas 
Thaam li usney maut ko, lekar ek aahkri saans!!
-- of the labour class 

Gyan na de jo gyaani woh kehlaye agyaani
Pyaas bujhaye paani, aur duniya ki pareshaani
Madira samajh kar pee liya gyaani ne sirf paani
Paani jaise peetey aaj madira kai agyaani!!

The Pompous "I"

I'm this, I'm that, I'm Love
I'm unique, I'm also holier than thou
I'm the Universe, the Universe is Me
Word plays from scriptures for the ever so lonely

An inconspicuous speck of Invisible dust
With 7 Billion humans all waiting to combust
A funny thought for our ego and art
We're rotten leftovers of a big bang fart!

Of Poetry relays in Social Media

So said my sister, "Share your poetry"
I'm getting older, with a growing bigotry
They say life begins at Forty! I really hope that's true.
Coz' I gaze at all and sundry, with nothing much to do!

लाल लाल है खून का रंग और माथे मे बजरंगी रंग
अब क्या गाऊं मै कोई अभंग, जब मै न दिल का मस्त मलंग
मन मेँ भी एक अजीब सी जंग, वोह हसकर बोली मेरे संग
तू गिरगिट साला रंगबिरंग, ज़िंदगी भी तुझसे हो गयी तंग!!

Loneliness: "Hi Meaningless!"

Me: Look at the absurdness of me talking to nothingness!

Of Retrograde, Anterograde, Psychogenic Amnesia

भूल करते करते, भूल गया मैं उस बात को
बात करते करते, सोचा क्या बात है कुछ याद करो 
याद करते करते, यह बिमारी भी एक याद बन गयी 
बिमारी की याद क्या आयी, साली जवानी भी ख़ाक में मिल गयी !!

A Perverse Panegyric

Nude and wet on this stormy day
You lech at me with abandon, gay
Whilst you think with lustful glee
I'm all bark and leaves of a rainy tree

Burning me inside and out
You wait for me, I spew from my pout
Whilst you think 'bout something I'm not
I'm the Tea, in your Teapot

Murdering me with your sharpest knife
You kill me through your cold-blooded wife
Whilst you sit there, fret and grouse
I'm the tomato, cut by your spouse

I'm lynched today high and dry
No sympathies from passers-by
You got the drift, while I quit
I'm your clothes, you perverted twit! 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A tale of the Purple-rumped Sun Bird

A cold and beautiful morning ago
I sang and landed on a vehicle below
I screamed at seeing one of my kind
Trapped behind some glassy blind

I called for help to rescue my friend
O' Lord I screamed, Is this the end?
A Gentle Voice said "Reflection"
I stared and gazed in confusion

Thinking what that Voice just said
How dumb of me, I got misled!
What a relief, life is an illusion!
All I needed was a revelation!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Limitations of the Unlimited

Provide me with unlimited entertainment
And I shall never understand the power of amusement
Surround your kids with plenty of toys
Little eyes search for a missing rattle that makes more  noise 

Many desires from villagers of the first generation
created uncontrollable tracts of concrete afforestation  
Where's that peace and greenery they saw in vast abundance?
Alas, nature too was guilty of exhibiting its opulence

Lands of Plenty today are ashamed of Wastes they create
While the 'poor' continue to enjoy meals from a single plate 
Unlimited Plans and Unlimited Talk-time 
Only create people who don't value that hard-earned dime

Man will continually degenerate with his affluence and redundance
An obvious consequence of his unlimited arrogance 
Learn from your history and old folklore
There is meaning when your granny says "Less is More"

Friday, March 07, 2014

The Modern Day Gita

Bhagavat Gita (My version of Krishna's advice to today's Arjuna)

अरे देवा तू आहेस तरी कुठे?
आणखीन किती चोरांना मी पाहीन इथे?
फक्तं पैका गिळायला जनम्लेला हा शैतान 
मग कशासाठी, पांडुरंगा, करु मी मतदान?

हे पार्था, लाज येते मलाही हे ऐकून
काय उपयोग अशा लोकांशी जिंकुन?
तरी माझा उपदेश तुला असा आहे बाळा
मतं दे तू एक चोर किंव्वा एक हलकटला.

very loosely translates to...

Oh Lord, where art' thou?
How many more crooks do I have to see now?
Just for eating money have these devils been born?
Then why, o lord, should I vote? - I'm forlorn

O Paartha, ashamed I am listening to thee
Against such beings, of no consequence is victory
My only advice to you still, o child
"Vote for the mean or a thief who's wild"

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Disturbed State of Mind

If I could ever travel back far in time
I’m sure my life would be ever so sublime
That it can never be done
Is a reality from where I run!

Every human desires to be happy
An erring desire that can only keep us unhappy
Is it even worth knowing answers to problems?
Or is it okay to pile on to the mountain of conundrums?

Why should the "I" in me be any different form the "I" in You?
Is the whole idea of non-duality true?
Is Peace achieved through one voice out-voicing the other?
Or should I just remain an unheard voice and not bother?

How can one attempt to remain spiritual?
If the materialistic pull wins every duel?
Are my questions merely rhetoric?
Or are these the inquiries of every lunatic?

I look up to life as my Guru
But still wake up looking for my teacher - Where are You?
While I continually hope to learn from every human
Is it in my father that I see the answer to every question?

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Corruption and Conscience - A Conversation

Veiled politician as a thug or veiled thug as a politician
Milking the constitution, given any situation
"And what are you, a law abiding citizen?
Oh don't start yet another lecture and lesson!"

The Journo, the Policeman, the Clerk and the Bureaucrat
Corruption thrives; but none would bell the cat
"Stop this rambling, ranting; and feigned frustration
Go pull up your sleeves and join the agitation"

Our 'leaders' are crooks, thieves and swindlers of the first order
It is they who hath wrought the system in disorder
"There...sitting in an armchair and opinionating,
Thou too are sinful of deceit, debauchery and cheating"

I concede - I too have lied, sinned and bribed
But certainly shant recall them with much pride
"Oho..So here we have a noble Charlatan
Losing his grip and ground one by one"

"I challenge ye to live a life of simplicity and honesty
That by itself shall teach you inner purity"
I'm thankful that thou - my conscience - have a voice
For 'tis only without you that I make more noise!